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Hows it going superswa we are here when you decide to come back hope all is well with you and your family
What's up LOST BOYZ just dropping in to say hello! Not a lot of time for games these days but I sure do miss our extended hours playing DayZ and H1Z1! Raising a kid has taken up all of my time - can't wait until he's of gaming age!
JusMrS1mpson I will process your request imediately sorry for your decision and hope you the best in your future endeavors
i have not been active on lost in quite some time as to new employment. and this change is likely permanent. if my account isnt terminated in a reasonable time period, i would like to request that a site admin contact me directly via email used here.
hello, im unable to gain access to the discord, but that is not my issue, i would like this account terminated immediately as there is no way to do it myself
You do not have access to shout.
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