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We have a good group set up with stone walls around our center and have room for a few more friends. We don't value numbers over our atmosphere. We have a good start going and have all roles minimally covered and can use anyone dedicated to any role. We are friends first so no need to worry about any power trips or being forced into a role you don't want.

We only ask that you are group orientated and up for the one team one fight mindset in terms of how we tackle tasks as a group all while smoking and joking. Several prior military members who have played together in many different survival games amounting to several thousands of hours so the conversations can get pretty interesting but stays mostly mission orientated at heart.

** is our home site and you can find our discord info there or via this link:**

*** WARNING: We are not a community for everyone, just those looking for a place to hang out and game in a like-minded environment consisting of gamers who are friends first and clan mates second.***

**Do not contact this post with any offer to join a ZERG, kingdom, aggression pact, or even a gangbang if it involves us doing anything other than what we see fit with our time online. We enjoy our atmosphere as it is. Finally, we do not want your girl scout cookies**
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